What is mRNA medicine?

In human body, protein carries out all the biological activities, including breathing, moving, thinking, immune reaction, and every activity you can imagine. If one or some key proteins in certain biological activity lost function or function in mutant way, diseases will happen.

Protein sequence is determined by DNA sequence, and the expression of protein is under the instruction of RNA sequence. Therefore, mRNA is as important as DNA and protein.

The mRNA medicine is to deliver mRNA to the cytosol, and then use the intracellular natural protein translation system to express the protein needed for the treatment of disease.

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  • Process of Protein expression
  • The double stranded DNA is transcripted to single strand messenger RNA (mRNA) in nucleus.
  • mRNA travels from nucleus to cytoplasm, and is translated into protein with the help of tRNA in ribosome.
  • Proteins with designated modifications, or combine with each other to form complexes carry out varies of functions in cell or body.
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