Our Focus

We are inspired by the huge potential of mRNA based medicine development. Low risk and low cost, as well as easy to use, are the advantages of mRNA based medicine, including mRNA vaccines, gene therapy and immune therapy. We focus on setting up the simple, one-step mRNA Drug Discovery Platform, to overcome the key challenges in the development. From optimization of mRNA sequence and modification, high through-put screening of delivery method to large scale manufacture platform, each step is established in a fast and smart way, keeping the same page with the cutting-edge mRNA sciences.


  • We start with target proteins in target diseases.
  • Design and optimize the sequence, the frame, and modification of mRNA.
  • We have varied modified nucleotides for efficiency screening.
  • Screen and deliver mRNA into cultured cells, experimental animals for preclinical studies.
  • Build up clinical trials for promising mRNA drugs.