Our Values

Dr. Jing Lu

Senior Scientist
“It is exciting to get close to the mRNA therapeutics step by step. There is a group of young scientists in RNACure working in this pretty young field. Although challenging, I believe that smart tools and hard work will make awesome results.”


Dr. Bing Wang

Manager of Business Development
I enjoy working in RNACure with my excellent colleagues. Each individual is responsible and respectful for the development of the new therapeutics. The enthusiasm of colleagues deeply touches me.


Dr. Zhongxiao Zhang

Senior Scientist
RNACure is awesome, and we are doing something awesome. We can organize the mature analytic tools in our platforms, and add more challenging part, sometimes. I love my work in RNACure.


AiXuan Li

Associate Scientist
I do appreciate to have the opportunity working in the cutting-edge field in RNACure. Learning new methods, solving new problems, studying new cases, I have new challenges every day. Amazing!